Monday, September 12, 2022

книги по психологии

Купить русские книги - russian books - в Америке можно в книжном магазине КОЛИБРИ.
Книжный магазин Колибри находится в США и предлагает огромный выбор книг
  1. Бестселлеры
  2. Классическая литература
  3. Современная проза
  4. Детективы. Боевики. Триллеры
  5. Исторические романы. Биографии
  6. Любовные романы
  7. Фантастика. Фэнтези
  8. Ужасы, триллеры
  9. Приключения
  10. Юмор. Афоризмы. Цитаты
  11. Поэзия
  12. Ваша книга

Thursday, August 25, 2022

life coaching

Coaching is based on the idea that a person is not an empty vessel that needs to be filled, but is more like an acorn that contains all the potential to become a mighty oak. It takes nourishment, encouragement, light to achieve this, but the ability to grow is already in us. In life coaching, a lively atmosphere of co-creation is created: on the part of the coach, this is primarily following the interests of the client and guiding “magic questions”, on the part of the client, this is the courage to explore their choices, creative search and decision-making aimed at achieving the desired, finding joy from success and achievements, the inclusion of an internal "drive".